Friday, January 13, 2006

The Great Trade part VII

Rich is concerned......

"Now, I wonder how big that tamper really is? My mind is somewhat foggy these days and with all that trick photography - well I trust Mike - although I hope the tamper does not end of being the size of my pinky finger".

Not to worry Rich. I'm sure I sent the big one....didn't I? Just to ease your mind, I'm attaching another picture from my archives with some known frame of reference. Here's the pic which ought to ease your concerns.....

Now for those smelly socks. You know McCain and I are pretty tight but even when we room together at shows, I make him take off his shoes in the bathroom and I smoke a heavy latakia the whole show..... what is this about crowbars?

Well, now where is that tracking slip for the USPS???? hmmm

Wishing for smoke rings the size of dunhill tins...

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